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EWZ iShares MSCI Brazil Index +20.7%
Initiated 9/2/10 $68.22 - Target 12/31/10 $82.35
Closed $77.40 12/31/10 4:00 PM
Today $23.85
Made 13.5% Consider this Stock
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Kanye West
User since Mar 2010
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Brazil, keep shining.
The original initiated price of this coverage was $70.41. Over the time span of this coverage, the underlying security paid 1 dividend, comprising 3.1% dividend income.

"When I create I try to submerge myself into a dream like state where I am a 5 year old. Just enough information to still have my own opinion" 

Okay what is Kanye talkin bout this time? It's Brazil.  It's starin you in the face, it's right there.  Huge play on commodities, plus a better growth rate than you can find in the major developed countries.

"Yo I ain't gone lie... the diamond teeth be looking crazy dope with tux jackets. The juxtaposition is what I live for"

Did you know the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are going to be held in Rio?  That is right and believe this: I will be on the dream team.

"If you look at your work over a 50 to 100 year span then no job is to hard."

The chart don't lie.  Over the last 3 months, EWZ is up over 12% while the S&P's money aint right, about break-even.  One of my 6 financial advisors also pointed out that it's 'close to a breakout above its prior high after what looks to have just been a consolidation phase lasting several months.'

The kind of economy you buyin into with Brazil is the kind that never goes out of fashion.  Believe.

"She asked when is fashion week.... uuuum...I thought it was every week??!!" 

Yo follow me on twitter to hear all the wisdom I have to impart to you.


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What People Are Saying...
Mike Barkett said at 10/18/10 5:19 PM
nice pick, kanye. you're still a douche.
EWZ $23.85 0.23 (+1.0%)
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Target 61.99 by 1/23/10
Today 23.85
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