With an impressive marketing presence and persistent expansion, Michael Kors has managed to straddle the line between luxury branding and accessibility, branching out from its founding platform of American sportswear apparel and into the highly lucrative accessories market.   Instead of the sportswear collection the company was known for in the 80’s and 90’s,  today MK is an accessories powerhouse, spreading its tendrils into sunglasses, handbags, perfume, watches, and shoes.

MK has managed to succeed where many other design houses have failed, it has sold itself as everyday modern luxury, not unattainable couture like Chanel, not impractical like Versace and Prada.  Collections and accessories had been consistently simple and timeless, allowing  MK to be desired by a huge age range, design aesthetic, and even gender.

MK has also managed to do what very few brands have done, make MK a cultural fixture.  Integrated the brand into the vernacular of the American public.  By teaming up with Heidi Klum for the guilty pleasure Project Runway, he gained invaluable access to millions of viewers of the perfect target demographic to be the next generation to buy MK.  He managed to make himself a household name without ever having to approve one print or web ad.

With 30 years of classic design to build on, and the ability to seamlessly integrate each new endeavor by the company into this design mantra, MK will continue to fill the large market gap between extremely high end luxury goods and basic everyday mall purchases.

P.S. if anyone's listening, I need some new shoes...