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AAPL Apple Inc. -28.1%
Initiated 8/29/08 $173.74 - Target 4/25/09 $125.00
Closed $122.90 4/27/09 9:30 AM
Today $110.02
Made 41.4% Consider this Stock
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Mike Barkett
Washington, DC
User since Nov 2007
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An early coverage

Editors note: As the comments state, this was one of the earliest coverages on the pre-beta ProofTrader site.   We rarely have to censor articles, and we will only ever remove a coverage in the most extreme of circumstances.  In this case, the original article title and content have been removed out of respect for Steve Jobs.

Regardless of anyone's sentiment on Apple, Mr. Jobs was simply one of the most important human beings of our time.  Other glowing adjectives can appropriately be used to describe him and his life depending on the observer's perspective, but he was and is important to everyone, from those of us in the first world to the poverty-stricken.  He changed the world in profound ways.

In this author's opinion, Apple is only a small part of Mr. Jobs' legacy.  Apple became one man's vision of how things should be in the future.  But to use a sports analogy, it was just his "team" in the larger game of advancing the interests of mankind. We should reflect on his contributions to the world not by merely focusing on his company and emulating or analyzing its products, but by always thinking outside the box and innovating in ways previously unimagined.  As the beatified sports hero who has passed on lends but a little to the history of his team or his dynasty, and more to the continued enjoyment of his craft by future generations, Mr. Jobs lends inspiration to all of us to doggedly pursue the realization of brilliant ideas for the betterment of all.  This, to me, is Steve Jobs' legacy.  RIP.

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What People Are Saying...
Mike Barkett said at 8/25/11 10:51 AM
For the record, this was just a test coverage, in the very earliest days of ProofTrader after the initial site code had been rewritten.
Mike Barkett said at 10/6/11 1:31 AM
(Image "t_hero.png" pulled from front page, I hope they don't mind.)
Mike Barkett said at 10/13/11 10:23 AM
I would be remiss not to mention the passing of Dennis Ritchie. Without Ritchie there would be no Unix, no C, no Linux, certainly no ProofTrader, and likely no Mac OS X or iOS either. I owe a majority of my undergraduate education and professional success to Mr. Ritchie's work. This story won't make but a tiny fraction of a dent in the social media sphere compared to the Jobs story, which is why I don't mind attaching it to this Steve Jobs-related coverage. The world lost two people of historical influence in the past week.
David Sachdev said at 10/13/11 11:48 AM
I wholeheartedly agree!
AAPL $110.02 -0.36 (-0.3%)
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Target 144.96 by 9/30/15
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