Note: This article was written WAAAAY back when the system was pre-natal, so it originally contained gobbledygook content.  I am editing it now, because apparently Google picked it up and a lot of people are clicking on it.  Weird!

EDIT AS OF: 10/16/2009

 Obviously, this is a retrospective opinion -- something that is very rare on PT, because we are not allowed to go back and change our predictions, and thus are not allowed to revise articles after a certain period of time has passed. 

Also obvious  (or should be) is that AAPL's run was not over in September 2008, as it is much higher now than it was when I originally covered it.  I think what really happened is that it was a high-beta stock,;range=2y;compare=^ixic;indicator=split+dividend+ke_it+volume;

an exaggerated version of the impending doom that was to befall us all, and still is.

So, if you think we're at a top right now, then AAPL is a good one to short once again.  If you think this rally has legs, then buy it.  I have not yet quite made up my mind on that topic, and lately have been covering individual stocks on their own merit instead.