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ARMH ARM Holdings, plc +12.7%
Initiated 3/17/11 $25.74 - Target 4/15/11 $29.00
Closed $29.10 4/14/11 9:30 AM
Today $43.99
Made 13.1% Consider this Stock
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Josh Warner-Burke
User since Nov 2007
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Cashing in on Mobile

As of 2009, ARM processors account for approximately 90% of all embedded 32-bit RISC (reduced instruction set computer) processors.  The simplicity of ARM processors make them ideal for low power applications which is why they're used in so many mobile devices.

The entire Apple line uses ARM chips, including the iPad and iPhone line.  Many Samsung and Motorola devices use them as well.

Recent price action has seen ARMH fall from  over $30 just in late February, so a return to $29 by April op-ex seems quite plausible.

"Without ARM, it would take a device the size of a computer to accomplish what the smartphones in our pockets are capable of," says analyst Francis Sideco of researcher IHS iSuppli.


Wikipedia has an interesting history of the company, explaining how the Acorn RISC Machine project started in October 1983.  This company has a long history, but is only just starting to get the sort of attention paid by the WSJ article I just linked to.

Obviously when it comes to chips, mobile is where it's at.  And almost everyone is using ARM chips.  Confidence 8.

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What People Are Saying...
Josh Warner-Burke said at 3/17/11 11:57 AM
That wikipedia link
David Sachdev agreed at 3/17/11 11:58 AM Agree
Josh Warner-Burke said at 3/17/11 12:09 PM
Another fascinating quote from that WSJ article about their somewhat unique business model:

"At its start, ARM made a business decision: Rather than make chips itself, ARM would license its technology to others. ARM had in essence developed a particularly well-designed chip brain--and chose to sell the blueprint to other chip companies that could fashion full-fledged 'systems on a chip' around it."
Ginger Gal agreed at 3/17/11 1:11 PM Agree
Josh Warner-Burke said at 3/31/11 9:27 AM
Digitimes reported today that Google may seek to standardize Android on ARM Holdings' architecture. (This type of move would significantly hurt Intel.)
Josh Warner-Burke said at 4/12/11 1:52 PM
Really nice intra-day bounce in ARMH today, as it started the day down over 4% on this INTC news (they will build a chip for tablets) and now up 2% on strong volume. I will hold a little longer.
Josh Warner-Burke said at 4/14/11 9:31 AM
Closing this one with two trading days left, right at my target. Will open a new coverage shortly as I think ARMH has a long way to go.
ARMH $43.99 -0.22 (-0.5%)
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Target 45.42 by 9/27/13
Today 43.99
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Target 32.00 by 3/30/12
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David Sachdev from Washington, DC

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