Like $FIRE, this is another company I've become very familiar with in my day-to-day dealings.  It's also a rumored buyout target, which no doubt partially explains the recent run-up.  Followers of $FTNT may think it's bloated at $25, but I see this as just the beginning of a bigger pop that would surprise nobody if it ended in an acquisition.

I won't go into too many specifics about the company, because I compete with them and I know past and current FTNT employees, so I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't.  I cannot cover $CHKP during this period, so the next best thing is to cover other security companies!  As usual, all opinions expressed are my own, and none of the factual info isn't already public. 

In my humble opinion, here's how I view $FTNT:  if they sold firewalls at Costco then they'd probably sell Fortinet brand.  Sure, they also sell Calvin Klein at COST, but most of the discount polos and underwear are semi-generic Kirkland brand.  Costco shoppers love it because they get apparently good value and don't have to think too hard about their purchase, but more discriminating shoppers will pay extra for the better brands.  As a security practitioner, I prefer the CK, but as a stock investor, the Kirkland model can be just as attractive.  Plus, FTNT is masterful at capitalizing on FUD to expand the breadth of their business.  Just look at their products page -- covers just about anything related to data security that you might be paranoid about.  Now, from my stone-throwing perch inside my glass house, I wholeheartedly recommend you purchase CHKP products to serve these purposes, but I would not be offended at all if you purchased FTNT stock.

Stable balance sheet, decent customer base, and steadily growing revenues through all seasons.  Ripe for either an acquisition or a charmed run on Wall St, or both.

That's enough for now.  Buy it and hope they get bought before the market crashes.