ZNGA has adjusted  to a social network becoming old news before .. they arent dependant as most think, remember MYspace they seemed to have no problem adjusting and Mafia Wars is bigger now then it was on Myspace.  ZNGA know what they are doin if FB becomes old, ZNGA will simple allow access on tumblr or twitter.   ZNGA has staying power, Im not tryna pump it up it s just such a mis-understood story this is one of the greatest executions of one of the most innovative business models of the new tech age.   ZNGA traded below the IPO price .. some cats on wall ST dont understand the story completel,  but this makes it better for me and you now we can buy into ZNGA when it gets sold off and get a better price then others, 90% of their rev comes 4rm 3% of their gamers, the rest ads, this leaves plenty of growth potential, if ZNGA can get 1 or 2% more of the gamers to buy a virtual item every once in a while.  Even if u missed IPO, u might still get a good price, u can get ur brokerage set up now and buy into ZNGA before the new year. P.S> when every1 in the world has the same bias toward any opinion 9 times outt 10 they are all DEAD WRONG !! =D buy dips sell rips .. mutliyear .. IF this new rule passes allowing FB to delay going public longer .. ur gonna see ZNGA break past 22 in less then a week.  Also ive heard some compare ZNGA to the market cap of ERTS and ATVI this is an inaccurate comparison due to the totally different type of gamer that ZYNGA has built its model off of.  ZNGA gamers are casual at work, in between FB and checking emails before bedtime gamers.  Those who have an X-box and play maddon are hard core gamers who are likely to buy the new madden every other year.  Unfortuantely ATVI and ERTS must maintain their hits to keep the stock priced where it is right now.   With ZNGA all they need is a lil bump in earnings 4rm mobile ads, a lil bump from their recent expansion to China, and a tiny bump by using fun games to entice 3-4% more ZNGA gamers to spend just a few dollars evey now and then.   This will make up for the 30% wax FB is choking them with.  FB had to do it, or ZNGA would have ended up with higher margins then FB.  This slight increase in paying users to the fremium model can warrant a 120% increase in earnings and a 10% increase in profit margins easily.  ZNGA is my largest position right now.